Jury Games is a London-based organisation dedicated to creating online, thought-provoking immersive games. Our first game Jury Duty was created by Tom Black, Joe Ball and Exit Productions and uses cutting-edge gaming technology and live professional actors to make the audience probe, prod and question everything they are seeing, reading and hearing.

The success of Jury Duty spurred Jury Games to continue creating stimulating online games mixing both immersive theatre and escape room-style gaming mechanics to entertain and intrigue audiences. Please do get in touch if you have any questions and follow us on our social media to keep up to date with our future games as they arrive.

Joe Ball
Joe directs and runs Jury Games' shows. He has been making interactive theatre as Artistic Director of Exit Productions for over three years. Over that time he has sparked Revolution, settled the first colony on Mars with The Mission, fixed boxing matches with Fight Night and decided the fate of an Artificially intelligent companion in AI Love You.
Tom Black
Tom had the initial idea for Jury Duty and originated the role of Harry Briggs. He is an actor and show creator who wrote Parabolic Theatre's Offie-nominated Crisis? What Crisis? and has both appeared in and developed a variety of immersive work.
Eddie Andrews & Ellie Russo
Eddie and Ellie are actors and theatre producers for Jury Games. They have worked on immersive shows with companies such as Secret Cinema, The Surrealist Taxi and The National Trust. They have also helped create immersive theatre games such as the highly acclaimed For King and Country.


Jury Duty
Exit Productions

Created by
Tom Black
Joe Ball

In collaboration with
Megan Louise Clifton
Sofia Romualdo
Karolina Soltys
Tom Wlliams