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Unravel a decade of mystery in this in-person game that can be played in your office

Scott Davies lost his life twelve years ago.

What really happened that night?

90-105 minutes

Look through the belongings.

Assess the autopsy.

Dive into digital records.

Find the truth.


Skills used

Solving ambiguous problems

Role play

Synthesis of information



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How it works

The Inquest is played in your office, with actors coming to your place of work or conference location and bringing with them everything they need.

  • Players are handed archived evidence about a mysterious death in 2010, including the possessions of the young man in question.

  • Twists and turns along the way reveal secret information and hidden agendas.

  • Together with live actors playing an Archivist and Coroner, players must hack systems, find inconsistencies, and return a verdict once and for all. 

The story

One body in the river.

Six statements.

Ten years of questions.

What happened to Scott Davies?

A decade ago, Scott Davies drowned in the heart of Cambridge. After reviewing the evidence available at the time, the inquest in 2010 returned an open verdict.

Remote inquests are now a standard procedure to clear the backlog of unsolved deaths. Together with eleven others, a police Archivist, and a Coroner, your duty is to determine the events that led up to Davies’ death.


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