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Jury Games are state of the art immersive games played on Zoom using real actors. All of our games are designed to be played as a team. They are ideal for work teambuilding or having a great time with friends and family. Each game is a fictional criminal case in which you must:

- Review the evidence via websites, emails and text messages
- Interrogate the defendant(s) who are played by live actors
- Give your verdict as a team

Companies that have booked Jury Games include: Google, Facebook, Pfizer, Spotify, Playstation, The Premier League, Sky, Vodafone as well as countless law firms both in the UK and US.
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A man on trial for murder and arson.
How will you find the accused?
TIME: 1 hour 45
Players: 6-15
1 Defendant & 1 Facilitator
Available Worldwide
The Award-Winning Original Game By Jury Games.

A fire. A dead man. A guilty plea for arson, but not for murder. The truth must come out. You have been summoned as a remote juror for a new kind of online trial. You and your fellow jurors must review the evidence, speak to the accused, and come to a conclusion.

Is he guilty or not guilty? And is there more to this case than meets the eye? How will you find the accused?

'Was I absorbed? Guilty" - The New York Times
"As a team building exercise it's fascinating" - The Telegraph
A murder among the tinsel and spilled drinks.
One hour to find out what the witnesses know - if they can remember it.
TIME: 1 hour
Players: Up to 20
2 Defendants and 1 Facilitator
Available Worldwide
Among the tinsel and spilled drinks, a dead body. The morning after, two witnesses in the drunk tank. One hour to find out what they know - if they can remember it.

Last night, a local office Christmas party turned to tragedy when the manager suddenly collapsed. Your colleagues in the police have strong evidence of foul play, but no further leads.Two hungover witnesses in the drunk tank might hold the key to finding out why a life was taken yesterday. They’re awake, but the clock is ticking. Can you put together the pieces of last night? Can they? It’s up to you.
Scott Davies drowned ten years ago .
What really happened that night?
TIME: 1 hour 45
Players: 6-15
1 Defendant & 1 Facilitator
Available Worldwide
One body in the river. Six statements. Ten years of questions. What happened to Scott Davies?

A decade ago, Scott Davies drowned in the heart of Cambridge. Together with eleven others, a police Archivist, and a Coroner, your duty is to determine the events that led up to Davies’ death. Read the evidence. See the bigger picture. Find the truth.

★★★★★ "Online immersive work at its best" - The Stage
★★★★★ "Nothing short of genius" - London Theatre Review
The case of Harry Briggs now available to play in person. Go through the evidence and then interview the defendant on the big screen.
TIME: 1 hour 30
Players: Up to 20
1 Defendant and 2 on site Facilitators
Available only in Great Britain.
A guilty plea for arson, but not for murder.
Go through the custom-made evidence and question the Defendant via secure video call.

The award-winning Jury Duty is now available in real life. Our team of actors will set up in your office or boardroom.
Further Questions?
“As a team building exercise it’s fascinating.”
“Just want to say thank you so much for running Jury Duty for our Rep squad. I’m being barraged by tons of great feedback from our team members who loved it.”
Tanja Lichtensteiger
Engineering Manager - Sky Betting and Gaming
"Jury Duty is the best digital experience I have found so far to connect our team in social hours. It really got the brain working and allowed people to engage at the level they felt comfortable with. I would highly recommend it."
Laura Hutchinson
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
“I have done a number of online escape rooms and games this year, but none have been as interesting and truly immersive as Jury Duty. We are quite a big team with lots of new joiners, so this really gave everyone an opportunity to get to know some team members that they haven’t necessarily worked with before. It was really great fun, thanks again!”
Johan Harmse
NHS England


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