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Among the tinsel and spilled drinks, a dead body.

The morning after, two witnesses in the drunk tank.

The Office Christmas Party, a live team building mystery game played in your office

90 minutes

Skills used

Interviewing sources

Handling different personalities

Evaluating sources of information

Watch the CCTV.

Question the suspects.

Make an arrest.


cctv screenshot.png

How it works

The Office Christmas Party is played in your office, with actors coming to your place of work or conference location and bringing with them everything they need.

  • Players meet an overworked Detective Sergeant and must help them interview two witnesses to a murder at an office party.

  • Players can interview the witnesses several times, review CCTV of the party, look up other evidence, and hack into the office's files.

  • When the clock runs out, the players must advise on any arrests they think should be made.

The story

dead boss.

A party gone wrong.

Two hungover witnesses.

What do they remember?

Last night, a local office party turned to tragedy when the manager suddenly collapsed. Your colleagues in the police have strong evidence of foul play, but no further leads.

Two hungover witnesses in the drunk tank might hold the key to finding out why a life was taken yesterday. They’re awake, but the clock is ticking.

Can you put together the pieces of last night? Can they? It’s up to you.

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