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  • All Jury Games challenge their audiences to work together to unravel a mystery.

  • You’ll interact with live actors, review written, visual and audio evidence, and come to a collective conclusion via a vote.

  • The questions you ask, and what avenues of investigation you pursue, are up to you.

I want to do an in-person experience, not an online one. Can you help?

Yes! Our award-winning show Jury Duty is now available as a live experience. See the Jury Duty Live page for more information.

I’ve bought a private show but my guests and I haven’t received a summons email with a Zoom link yet. When will I get it? 

You’ll receive a summons email the day before your booking. Please don’t contact us asking where it is, unless you have not received it by 7pm the day before your booking.

What tech equipment do I need to play?

You’ll need Zoom and a device that can use it. We highly recommend playing on a computer so you can have Zoom open at the same time as browsing websites and reading documents. 

If you don’t have a computer, using a secondary tablet or phone device to read evidence while using Zoom on another device will work too.

Do I need any specific tech skills?

It may be useful to be able to screen share with Zoom, including sharing your audio. Other than that, the show has been designed to be accessible to people with varying tech skills: you can do an awful lot just by talking to your fellow players or the actors.

Can more than player one join from the same device?

You can connect to the Zoom call in pairs if you would prefer. If using a shared device, we recommend that both players have a separate device to read through evidence easily. We don’t recommend having more than two per Zoom device. 

Can I play with just people I know?

Yes, you can book a private show here.

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